How to send Voice Notifications over a call in Laravel ?

Updated 11 February 2020

Nexmo Voice Channel

Nexmo Voice Channel is a package through which one can send and receive the Laravel notifications over a phone call. The Nexmo Voice Channel provides a notification channel for the laravel framework that works with Nexmo’s voice  API.

This package provides a notification channel for the Laravel framework that works with Nexmo’s voice API, allowing text-to-speech phone calls. It also provides a fluent interface to construct your message content.

How Does Nexmo Voice Channel Works ?

To use this notification channel, you route a notification through VoiceChannel and provide a toVoice() method.
Below is an example of How you can use the toVoice() method.

package’s markup types you can use to create a notification:


Apart from this, you can also just return your own SSML markup as a string. This gives you complete control if you need something more custom or have more complex requirements.

How To Install Nexmo Voice Channel To Your Laravel Project ?

Now, let’s dive into the main part for which you guyz are here.

Step 1: Simply use composer to install the package in to your Laravel Project

Step 2: you need to provide additional credentials in your environment. Note that the private key can be a string or path to the key file.

Step 3: Finally just  add your call from number and voice to config/services.php under the nexmo key.

This is how you can install and use Notification on calls in your Laravel’s project.


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