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How to send Notification in Discord server through Laravel Application ?

What is Discord ?

Discord is a video/audio calling VoIP application. Discord is free and created for video game communities.
It does not only provide audio or video chat feature but also specialises  in text and image in chat channels.
In discord you can make various servers containing particular channels for different tasks ie. for playing different games with your squad or listening music or join afk channels of a server if you are simply AFK.

Features of Laravel Discord Notification Channel

How to install ?

Installation of this package is very easy. What you need to do is to follow this simple command:

How to use it now ?

One must define the discord  method in the notification channel.

Now, create a toDiscord() method

Route discord notifications

To route Discord notifications to the proper location, define a routeNotificationForDiscord method on your notifiable entity.

That’s it, you are done now. You can send the notification to the discord channels from your laravel application.

Source: Github of Laravel discord notification channel Git repository

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