How to make a Marketplace for Social Collaborations like Pearpop?

Updated 20 December 2022

Pearpop is a place where you can not just make content but through that content, you can also make the money. As per Pearpop, every person in the world is creative and has different values, cultures, and traditions. 

It believes in connecting these persons apart from their identity, viewpoint, and station in life, to giving them real opportunities. It focuses on- Producing what inspires you.

Collaborations with famous people like Madonna and artists like Sommer Ray may be purchased by companies and producers through Pearpop. Ovation and Passport are two other new items that Pearpop is announcing the debut of.

Overview of Pearpop

Pearpop is a marketplace that allows social collaboration. It has many brands and celebrities included with it like Amazon, Netflix,  Universal Pictures, Sonos, Beyond Meat,  Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Madonna, Shawn Mendez, and Post Malo.

The opportunity to work with these influencers and celebrities on TikTok may be purchased.

Alternately, they may conduct “challenges” that ask users to post using a certain prompt or sound on TikTok or Instagram in exchange for the chance to win cash prizes based on engagement milestones.

What does Pearpop Marketplace do?

Pearpop brings the influencers together and by using the platform they can make money. They can contribute with other stars or they run challenges for them also. Founder of Pearpop, Cole Mason, told that they reached a critical mass on the creator side, and now they have more than 200,000 on their platform.

With more advanced product features and functionality that make use of intelligence and data in novel ways that the industry hasn’t seen, it is leveraging the funds to speed up recruiting in tech and engineering. Other than this, they’re building a strong sales and partnerships team capable of attracting and partnering with some of the biggest and most iconic brands in the world.

Social Collaboration Marketplace provides Numerous Features

Pearpop provides various features for its users so that they can get benefits from it and a seamless user experience that can easily be understood by the users.

Challenges for Users

There are various challenges on Pearpop for entertaining people. They can create the challenge for themselves and can check the others also.

Creator Pop-up

Through this feature, Pearpop shows the most active creators in the last month. It will show the respective followers on TikTok as well as Instagram.

Earning Section

It provides a section to view all the payments that you have done or you get from challenges/Referrals/others. It is configured with Hyperwallet and shows the pending payments also.

How To Develop Your Own Social Collaboration Marketplace?

Bagisto can assist you in creating a brand-new platform for your marketplace.

To create your marketplace for social collaboration, go through the stages.

Platform Selection

You may build a marketplace similar to Pearpop by using the Bagisto platform, which is built using Laravel.

Taking the help of Bagisto, not only gives a seamless platform but also definite features and functionalities.

Hosting Service

The web hosting service you choose is crucial. Dedicated hosting is preferable to shared hosting if you’re creating a marketplace.

Choosing Bagisto would help with the hosting server.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Sellers and admins are necessary if you want to build a marketplace similar to Pearpop. Here, you may sell or buy equipment with ease.

Using the Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace module, which offers different access to admins and sellers, you can quickly construct a multi-vendor marketplace in Bagisto.


Their long-term vision is to continue to unlock the value of every social media user on the planet while setting the standard for collaboration and creator monetization.  Its CEO said that they have plenty of ideas in the roadmap to help Creators earn a living doing what they love.

So, that was much about “How to make a Marketplace for Social Collaborations like Pearpop?” for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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