How to implement Daily Database Backups in Laravel 10 ?

Updated 30 June 2023

In this blog post, we explore how to create a daily backup system for your Laravel application using custom commands. Backing up your data is essential for maintaining application integrity and protecting against unexpected events. We’ll show you how Laravel’s command-line interface simplifies this process.

We start by emphasizing the importance of regular backups and the risks of data loss. Then, we dive into the Laravel Backup package, a popular choice for backup management in Laravel projects.

We explain how to generate commands, set their signature, and define their behavior using the Laravel Artisan CLI.

Step 1: Install laravel application.

If you already have laravel application need to integrate daily backup then follow up by step2.

Or you can create laravel project by using laravel alias

Step 2: Create Command.

Firstly need to navigate root directory of your application then open terminal and then execute below command.

after execute this command DatabaseBackup.php file will be created into app\Console\Commands\DatabaseBackup.php. This file looks like

For Example:

Step 3: Logic of backuping database.

Now need to update its signature, description and logic of your backup into handle method.

In this below example command signature name is db:backup this signature name is used to execute the command as command name, like

and you can describe the description as you want.

Here is an example of code.

Step 4: Register Command.

Now we need to register this command into App\Console\Kernel.php file into schedule method, in below example of code there registry of your command.

Here is an example of code.

Step 5: Run the Laravel scheduler.

To activate the Laravel scheduler, you need to add an entry to your server’s crontab or use a task scheduler provided by your hosting environment. The following command runs the scheduler every minute:

Now, the db:backup command will run every day as per the schedule you defined.

That`s all for implementing the Daily Database Backup. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading.

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