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How To Enable Blade File Tracer in Bagisto

Hey everyone in this document, “We will learn “How we can enable the Blade file tracer in Bagisto“.

When working on a website with a number of views it becomes difficult to find out which part contains the code that you need to work on. This is will help Beginners as well as Developers, Our Contributors & Partners who deal with Bagisto and face difficulties to find the Blade file of the templates/views. 

This could be very helpful for a number of reasons if you’re:

For more information kindly visit Laravel Tracer Package.

Let’s start to make this easier with just a view set of configuration.

Steps to Enable Blade file hint path in Bagisto

In order to Enable your Template hint path in Bagisto.

  1. Go to your Bagisto root directory and locate to this file config/view.php
  2. In the view.php file, the Tracer needs to be set to true, as shown below.

        Note: By default, Tracer value is set to false in Bagisto

    3. Once the Configuration is done, now execute the following commands from the Bagisto root directory     

  All done, now you are ready to reload your Storefront & Admin end to see the blade file hint path in each block of your template as shown below.





So guys hope you understood how we can enable blade file tracer in Bagisto.

Thank You For Reading !! 

For any further query, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or Contact Us at [email protected]

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Little complicated for newcomer. But overall features and continuous update are superb. At first we were worried. Then their support makes us feel confident. I wish more developer contribute in Bagisto.

Md Rezaul Karim

Md Rezaul Karim
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