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Updated 6 August 2021

Pinduoduo is the fourth startup of Colin Huang founded in 2015. He is an ex-Googler who worked on search algorithms of eCommerce. 

The popularity of Pinduoduo’s in China has proven that there is a huge opportunity for social commerce platforms.

Pinduoduo is dedicatedly working on mimicking the offline shopping experience by building communities with their team purchase business model or group purchase.


Here are some steps that will help in the process of creating a website like Pinduoduo

1.Choose an eCommerce platform.

An eCommerce platform like bagisto is the best platform because it is highly scalable which means they can support all kinds of business sizes as this can make the eCommerce shopping experience great for all users.

2. Group Buying 

With the help of e-commerce  platforms like ( Bagisto,  Magento, or Shopify)  building a group buying platform became really simple because of the following features:

3. How to add products on your website for group buying

With the help of e-commerce, you can easily add products to your website.

In order to enable the Group Buy Option in the products, the admin needs to navigate from Group Buy to Products as shown in the below image.

Here you admin can view all the complete lists of Group Buy Choice products.

Also on clicking the Add New Product button, the admin can add new products to the Group Buy category.

Fill in the below-mentioned specification in order to get to add your product on the product page

Product- The admin can select the product they wish to add to the Group Buy.

       Group Buy Price-  The admin will set the discounted or price on Group Buy Product price.

       Start date- The admin must select the start date from which Group Buy gets activated.

       End Date- The admin should mention the end date for the particular product.

      Group size– The admin can choose the member count where Group Buying is available.

       Status– The Admin can allow the status of the Group Buy product.

After setting all the above fields is filled, the admin can click on the Save Product.

4. Provide Daily check-ins

The daily check-in is a prominent feature displayed on the Pinduoduo home page

It encourages different users to open the app daily basis by rewarding them with some redeemable points each and every time they check-in.

It’s a simple yet brilliant feature. 

5. Share Products on Social Networking Sites

By having a clickable link on visible social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram the customers will be able to share the product on these platforms and can earn rewards in return.

6. Provide a Card program

Pinduoduo’s provides a card program is specially designed to encourage customers to share products with their relatives, friends and save money through vouchers or special discounts. 

The three most popular card programs are the Free Pass Card, the Brand Card, and the Brand black Card.

7. Eanageging Mini-games

Pinduoduo’s have inbuilt games that motivate their users to engage with the app for fun tho they don’t even immediately translate into a product purchase.

The first game on Pinduoduo was Duo Duo Orchard which was like Farmville except with some real physical goods in terms of rewards.

The game is very simple: A user creates or nurtures a virtual plant until it yields a real box of fruit, which would shift to their address. 

The more users will shop with this the more they get rewards and vouchers for shopping. 

This game Duo Orchard now has more than 11 million active users on a daily basis.

 8. Offering personalized recommendations

Pinduoduo is a highly personalized platform

By using information such as a user’s friends list and his favorite categories you can easily customize the platform. 

Pinduoduo looks at value for money with both personalization and professional concept as well.

Data based on the user’s purchase or browsing history, the platform knows whether the user prefers high-cost branded clothing or low-cost or non-branded items.

 This algo. will thus show users only the items that match their willingness to pay.

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