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How to Create a Multi admin theme?

In this blog,  we are going to learn about “How to Create a Multi Admin theme”.

You will have to go to the root directory of the bagisto and there you will find the config folder having a file themes.php which you have to open and make a few changes.

Now search for the keys admin-default and admin-themes. It will look like this.

Key Description
admin-defaultis used to set the current theme.
admin-themesis used to store a list of themes

Now we have to add one more theme into admin-themes.

As you can see that we have added the view and assets path in the theme1 array.

Now you can set your views and assets folder according to your mentioned path.

This is how the  resources structure will look like,

This is how the Assets structure will look like,

Now we have to  replace the dashboard page.

Now we have to just create the exact dashboard’s directory structure for theme1 as present in default.

So this is how it will look like,

Now add some lines to the index.blade.php,

Now everything is set up. And  we need to activate the theme for which  we need to change the admin-default key in file config/themes.php.

This is all about “How to Create a Multi Admin theme”.

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