How to Create a Digital Assets Marketplace Like Creative Fabrica?

Updated 20 February 2023

It is an easy task if you have ready-to-use digital assets for your websites like templates, invitations, fonts, handcrafts, and themes for your marketplace websites. Creative Fabrica, an Amsterdam-based start-up founded in 2016, provides digital pre-created templates and themes.

creative fabrica

Creative Fabrica helps multiple marketplace clients worldwide to create digital content and design. They provide different services and data like fonts, graphics, crafts, needlework, and so on. The company provides subscription-based services. Different charges for different services and plans.

A digital asset marketplace has more than 1 million font styles, more than 60 million graphics, free resources, and many more. It also provides a platform for multiple vendors to sell their graphics and designs and earn money with that.

Multiple investors are taking interest in Creative Fabrica along with  Felix Capital, FJ Labs, and Peak Capital. Creative Fabrica has an agreement with Stable Diffusion, the image-generating AI system by Stability AI.

They are also trying to partner with OpenAI for having DALL-E-2 within their platform.

You can also build your own marketplace similar to Creative Fabrica using Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace. The Bagisto team can turn your vision of the digital assets marketplace into reality.

Overview of Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a digital art marketplace for finding artwork, graphics, and fonts. They also offer a suite of AI-powered tools called CF Spark that helps to create artwork, designs, and content.

creative fabrica

Prebuild digital assets like fonts and graphics are easy to use and Creative Fabrica allows you to choose any design from their marketplace. This makes the website designing process easy and fast for the customers.

Thousands of customer has already created their store with Creative Fabrica if you want one you can explore our marketplace services.

What does Creative Fabrica (Digital assets) Marketplace Do?

Digital assets are which help you to create a website in a simpler form as its ready-to-use products. In creative Fabrica, customers can use any template provided by the owner or any other vendor.

Vendors can decide the charges for their designs and products. So the vendors can create their websites as well as they can earn with their designs.

It also provides a platform to learn about digital asset creation so you can use it as a tutorial website and create your own designs and graphics as per your requirements.

Digital Assets Marketplace Provides Numerous Features

Discover Products

You have two options available on the digital marketplace i.e. subscribe or buy. There are various designs, fonts, graphics, and templates to choose from.

digital assets

Take Trial Demo

You can view all the projects from the Creative Fabrica dashboard. Just log in at any moment to review the items and directly manage orders and costs. Check their free trials and then purchase their subscriptions.

digital asstes

Preview Listing

The demo is available for the sellers to preview and make sure their products are ready for selling.

Complete Visibility and Control

You can manage all your orders, designs, subscriptions, articles, credits, and more from the dashboard.

digital assets

You can keep a track of your expenses and quickly get important information about your account.

How To Develop Your Own Digital Assets Marketplace?

The Bagisto team can develop digital assets marketplace platform from scratch, which will be completely customizable as per your business requirements.

creative fabrica

To create your marketplace for digital assets, go through the stages.

Platform Selection

There are many e-commerce solutions available to create a Creative Fabrica marketplace. Bagisto- based on Laravel is one of the best open-source ecommerce platforms.

It is free to use and allows developers to add custom features and functionalities to your online store or marketplace.

Hosting Service

The web hosting service you choose is crucial. There are two options to choose from, one is dedicated and the other is shared hosting services. But for building an online marketplace, we must go for dedicated hosting.

In dedicated hosting, separate server resources will be available only for your website. So that all the databases, transactions, and custom settings can be managed for your marketplace only.

The Bagisto team can help you partner with the best cloud-hosting service providers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

When an online marketplace will be launched, there will be multiple sellers who will be offering their digital products similar to Creative Fabrica. Here, you may sell or buy digital assets and services with ease.

Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Module provides a separate dashboard and e-commerce backend for the site owner and vendors.


Use the Creative Fabrica marketplace to subscribe or buy digital assets like templates, fonts, and themes for making the website. They also provide a platform to sell your designs and services. You can also provide teaching classes in Creative Fabrica.

They are aiming to become an an-all-in-one online marketplace platform for creative and digital assets products.

Thus, helping anyone to create a website, providing attractive designs and reducing access work with ready-to-use templates. That provides a simplified, sustainable, and seamless experience to the customers.

What are you waiting for, start exploring Bagisto and build your digital assets marketplace like Creative Fabrica today!

So, that was much about “Creative Fabrica- A digital asset Marketplace” for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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