How to Create a Construction Equipment Marketplace like YardLink?

Updated 14 December 2022

It is an easy task to buy any construction equipment online with the help of a U.K. startup i.e. YardLink. With its help, it makes construction companies in obtaining critical pieces of equipment faster than regular equipment rental companies that have stuck to their legacy.

A digital-first marketplace is replacing the hide-bound by a slow, centralized hire market. Along with current investors Speedinvest and FJ Labs, Beringea also included Amplifier which gives funding of $17.5 million to YardLink.

It has now been transformed into a full-service platform for supply chain management, enabling contractors to quickly access tools, equipment, bulk materials, gasoline, waste management, and other services and products. The platform allows the equipment to be easily sourced, rented and paid for.

If you also wish to have a Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace as YardLink, Bagisto can help you to achieve it. Also, check how we can turn your dream of having your construction equipment marketplace into reality.

Overview of YardLink

Construction is more productive after YardLink introduced the marketplace. For uniting suppliers and locations in one location, fostering local collaboration, and also maintaining project efficiency, they strengthen supply chains.


They combine websites and providers onto a single, user-friendly platform also.

We undertake the legwork to find, support, and serve our customers, ensuring the finest local suppliers at the lowest costs including equipment waste, supplies, and gasoline.

Equipment rental and material supply also have never been more quick or streamlined.

What does YardLink Marketplace do?

YardLink fosters local collaboration and maintains the efficiency of projects.

It provides a self-serve dashboard to gain complete visibility and control of your site – live hires, off-hires, and purchased products.

You can access your supply chain and action changes at any time – all at the touch of a button.

It offers a wide selection of products that may be delivered to your home whenever you need them. It gives Full-service supply chain management.

Construction Equipment Marketplace provides Numerous Features

Discover Products

It gives you the liberty to choose the products with two options- to hire or to buy.

There are various equipment, materials, fuels, and waste to be chosen.


Book Demo

Their dashboard allows you to see all of your projects. Just log in at any time to check the things managing the cost and orders directly. Go and book a demo for construction procurement from one of their experts.

Preview Listing

Suppliers can also check the demo of the platform assured that their products can be sold over the platform.

This would help the customers to filter the products easily.

Complete visibility and control

They provide a dashboard that allows you to handle all of your orders in one spot.

You may immediately check in to track your expenditures online and see what’s happening.

How To Develop Your Own Construction Equipment Marketplace?

Bagisto can assist you in creating a brand-new platform for your marketplace.

To create your marketplace for construction equipment, go through the stages.


Platform Selection

You may build a marketplace similar to YardLink by using the Bagisto platform, which is built using Laravel.

Taking the help of Bagisto, not only gives a seamless platform but also definite features and functionalities.

Hosting Service

The web hosting service you choose is crucial. Dedicated hosting is preferable to shared hosting if you’re creating a marketplace.

Choosing Bagisto would help with the hosting server.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Sellers and admins are necessary if you want to build a marketplace similar to YardLink. Here, you may sell or buy equipment with ease.

Using the Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace module, which offers different access to both admins and sellers, you can quickly construct a multi-vendor marketplace in Bagisto.


Use the YardLink marketplace to rent or buy the equipment for construction and they also provide the supercharge of the construction supply chain.

They plan to be the only place customers can access the entire construction supply chain, helping to cut overheads, speed up supply and reduce costly delays. Simplified, sustainable, seamless.

Use bagisto and build your dream equipment marketplace.

So, that was much about “YardLink- A construction equipment Marketplace” for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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