How to Check Sold Booking Product Overview in Bagisto?

Updated 19 August 2022

Sold Booking Product Overview in Bagisto.

In Previous versions of Bagisto, the admin can only able to see the ordered products in a grid format for simple, Configurable etc. products and also the admin can see the detail of the Booking Order.

But now it includes the feature to have a better visual for the admin to see the booked time slots for the booking products in his back end.

This Feature in Bagisto gives a better information and complete data of the booking. It can also be called as a complete package of the booking product order details.

For a better understanding of the feature, we need to understand both the Admin and Customer Panel.

Customer Profile

First we will be understanding how a customer do a booking of a Booking Product.

Steps : – Go to Customer Profile -> Select Any Booking Product -> Select the Booking Dates and Related Information.

Check the Image for a better understanding of the Booking Product.

Once we have checked the details for the booking, now the customer will proceed for the checkout process.

In Customer Order Section.

Once the checkout process is done and then we can check the booking order placed in the Order section in customer profile.


Admin Profile

Here, once the customer has placed the order of the booking, now its the admin who can see all the details related to the booking.

Go to Admin -> Orders Section.

There we will be able to see the Order’s which are placed by the customer.

Now Go to Admin -> Sales Section -> Booking

Here we will be able to see all the details related to the booking, and also we are able to see the booking which are already done.

This feature allows to have complete information related to the booking on particular schedule.

In this Feature the admin can also check the details of booking in Calendar View.


Hence we can see that the Admin can clearly see the details related to the booking in Particular Day and Time.

So, that was much about the article “ How to Check Sold Booking Product Overview in Bagisto? ”. Also for any queries or doubts reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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