How to add menu in admin panel in Bagisto

Here we are going to discuss how to add a menu in the admin panel in Bagisto. Just with a few lines of codes, we can add the menu it`s super easy

Now, Let’s Get Started,

Step 1

Inside the given path folder of bagisto, create a file of the name menu.php.
Path – packages/ACME/HelloWorld/Config

create an array of key-value pairs contains with four keys key, name, route, sort, icon-class 

key – Unique key for menu icon.
name – Name of menu icon.
route – Route name for your menu icon.
sort – Sort the number on which your menu icon should display.
icon-class – Class for menu icon.

Step 2

Then register it to the Service Provider file using the mergeConfigFrom(path of the menu-file, menu.admin ) in PackagenameServiceProvider.php

Step 3

Then Run a command



That’s all for adding the menu in Bagisto. Stay tuned for more updates on these types of topics. If you have any issues feel free to raise a ticket at

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I had wonderful interaction with Bagisto team when I was attending the Laracon 2023. After the event I decided that we are going to explore it and will do something amazing. We have submitted our first module in 3 weeks and partnered with Bagisto. They are offering too many thing like POS, MultiTenant SAAS, PWA, BlockChain Commerce, NFT Marketplace and many more. I am very excited for future journey with them. Thank you Bagisto :)

Ramkishan Suthar

Ramkishan Suthar
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