How “Peppercontent” created a Marketplace for Content.

Updated 5 July 2022

Peppercontent is one of the best content marketplaces, invented by India in 2017, where the content creator can also connect with the organization that would like to design the content. Let’s discuss “How Peppercontent creates the Marketplace for Content”.  

How did Peppercontent start its journey?

Pepper Content was founded by Anirudh Singla, Rishank Pandey, and Rishabh Shekhar in 2017. Pepper is an innovative digital content and also an AI-enabled platform.  

COO of Pepper, Rishabh Shekhar said that his team is planning to expand their client base business and it is also expected to get over 2,00,000+ content creators in the upcoming 15 months.

The company is also actively hiring sales, software engineers, operations, and from other domains as well. 

How did Pepper Content start its journey?

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About the founder: 

The founder and CEO of Pepper is “Anirudh Singla”, an alumnus of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. He got an idea for Pepper when he tried to get an internship offer in content writing. 

He saw that thousands of talented people were facing problems to find a job in this domain, then also both Anirudh and Rishabh implemented their idea into reality. Thereafter they decided to launch Pepper – a content marketplace based on the SAS tools platform.

Fundraising of  “Pepper Content” 

Pepper Content is funded by 30 investors.  Pepper has raised a total of $18.7M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised a 1.1B rupees on Jun 8 2022 from a Series A round by a lead investor name Bessemer Venture Partners and GTMFund are the most recent investors.

Fundraising Of “Pepper Content”

What does Pepper offer you?

Pepper also offers managed services for brands like Google, Adani, Amazon, etc at scale, along with its software stack that enables companies to be able to manage all forms of content production, distribution, and analytics from one platform itself.

Pepper is contributing to the SaaS-based product. CEO Anirudh said that Content Marketplace and SaaS together reinforce and make each other 10x more powerful. That’s how we look at our business.

How providing opportunities to freelancers?

Pepper Content provides the opportunity to connect with writers, designers, translators, videographers, editors, and illustrators across the world, using its AI algorithms. 

Pepper also used this opportunity to provide powerful content marketing to help SMEs to work more deliberately with expert on-demand freelance talent and also enable workflows and associations with tools to create excellent quality content.

How providing opportunities to freelancers?

Services provided by Peppercontent:

There are thousands of companies using Pepper’s content for scaling the content. 

Who are the Clients of Pepper Content?

According to the CEO of Pepper, Anirudh says that his company worked with more than 2500 brands.  He also adds that it engages with 550 to 600 customers on an active basis now. 

These clients also include over 70 Indian unicorns as well as large enterprises such as Adani, Amazon, Google, HUL, P&G, and HDFC. This company is serving more than 100+ industries like gaming, fashion and retail, hospitality, BFSI, and many more. 

Workflow of Pepper 

The USP of Pepper is an AI-enabled platform ( that automatically segregates content writers through a systematic background check process. 

For example – experience in writing, niche, etc. and places them in one of the several predetermined slabs, as per result.

On the other side, firms that want to get their content creation work done, provide requirements based on the content they require ( like articles, blogs, videos, genre, themes, etc )

After this has been done, Pepper’s smart recommender engine analyses the brief and selects the right set of creators, writers, and editors.

How is the pricing of Peppercontent calculated?

Pepper charges from his clients on the basis of certain factors like the type of industry, number of total assignments, total word count, and content vertical. Pricing of the content also depends upon the expertise level of the creator that is engaged in the project.

How Bagisto can help you to develop your own Content Marketplace?

With Bagisto you can start your own Content Marketplace from scratch. We will provide a platform and technology so that a freelancer or organization can list their services. 

We build an online marketplace for both B2B and B2C in order to scale up the business. In the growing area of digitization and networking, partnerships play a major role. This can grow your business across the globe.

Final Words:

To know more about How to create your own Content Marketplace please send us an email at [email protected] and our Bagisto’s tech team will get in touch with you. You can also raise a ticket at our HelpDesk System.

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