How is the Bangladeshi Marketplace built with Bagisto?

Updated 22 April 2022

PickRocks is a multi-vendor marketplace situated in Bangladesh that comes into existence in 2020.

It offers exclusive foreign and high-quality local products. Just like security, cosmetics, jewelry, electronics, appliances, kids’ and smart toys, etc.

It is handy and user-friendly for the customers that they can easily order from them. It will build long-term relationships with the production partners.

bangladeshi Marketplace

They have a team of well-established engineers, businessmen, bankers, and qualified professionals who work together with a vast love for serving people.

It’s a team who challenge themselves to do something big and people who are extraordinary among the ordinary people.

How is the Bangladeshi Marketplace built with Bagisto?

Customer is their first priority, and every day their customer can have a special day.

They’re happy shopping for guaranteed quality products and service. They always welcome complaints and monitor them.

E-commerce Sector in Bangladesh

Over the last five years, Bangladesh’s e-commerce has got a big expansion as its market size has expanded almost 30 times.

As per the Bangladesh Competition Commission, the variation is roughly 30 times the amount in 2016. Since the spread of COVID makes people purchase products from online shopping platforms.

This also gives Bangladesh’s e-commerce a better shape. And a new platform for selling the products.


How is the Bangladeshi Marketplace built with Bagisto?

Some of the popular shopping and also eCommerce sites in Bangladesh are Foodpanda, Daraz, Pathao, etc.

Two key challenges for future business promotions would be delivery logistics with fair prices and supply chain management.

How does Bagisto Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension help them out?

As their vision is to help needed entrepreneurs who can generate a market for themselves. So they want to help them to build a market without any problems for their products.

That’s where Bagisto multi-vendor marketplace comes in and helps them.

Bagisto Marketplace module covers all the features which they want to start their store. It got a fantastic combination for their concept, as it was very easy to use and control.

By adding a variety of capabilities, it makes the overall website look amazing which you can see below-

Bagisto integrates Aliexpress Dropshipping

The PickRocks also supports Dropshipping. Here the owner doesn’t need to worry about warehouse management and shipment.

It also allows the owner to import products from AliExpress. Using dropshipping, the commission charged per sale is one of the lowest in the market.

How is the Bangladeshi Marketplace built with Bagisto?

The product is shipped from Aliexpress instead of the PickRocks store when a customer places an order from the store.

Remark at the End

Using Bagisto, PickRocks was able to create an excellent experience, customer satisfaction, also quality products and services.

The method is also now quite simple and as well as easy for vendors who come to him and start selling their products.

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