How does Bagisto compares with WooCommerce?

Updated 15 December 2021

Picking the right platform for the eCommerce business is incredibly significant in this era. It can be the factor responsible for either success or failure of your business. The success of an eCommerce business is considerably reliant on its website.

Bagisto is an eCommerce platform built-in Laravel and Vue.js stack. In a jiffy, Bagisto is spreading in the eCommerce ecosystem and leaving its competitors like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart off the pace.

Nowadays eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento is widely acclaimed and used for creating and managing eCommerce store. These eCommerce platforms follow the traditional approach to the make the eCommerce Solution.

The eCommerce platform working along in years follows the traditional approach of building eCommerce solution where front end and backend are coupled together.

Thus it was necessary to develop the open source eCommerce framework which facilitates easier customization and develop eCommerce solution for the end users.

Bagisto is brand-new in the market now, but it is spreading quickly in the eCommerce community.

Bagisto vs Woocommerce:

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is famous worldwide because it is great for users who prefer WordPress.

Due to some disadvantages with WooCommerce, people move towards contemporary frameworks and faster development. According to the research, the current market of WooCommerce is more impressive and it covers 42% over the entire internet.

Source: Barn2Media

Problem statements of WooCommerce:

Community Support:

The community is the network of the different type of social media channels and technical channels. Communities pickup people collectively around interest, for promoting business, and help in technology.

Bagisto, built on top of Laravel is one of the fastest growing community in the world. Laravel is famous because of its simplicity, Effective authorization process, object-oriented libraries, and MVC support.

Laravel is the most comprehensive and through its documentation and video tutorials of any modern web application framework, making it easy to learn. You can check the community support of Laravel and WooCommerce on Github.

Laravel on GitHub:

WooCommerce on GitHub:

Easy Customisation:

Bagisto is an open source eCommerce platform build on top of Laravel and Vue.js stack which makes customization easier.


In WooCommerce customization, it does not take so troublesome but if you don’t have the knowledge about the WordPress it creates some difficulties.

Moreover, Bagisto provides simplicity to create themes and override pages in the website and also ensures better documentation having MVC in the core.

Coding Standard:

Bagisto follows the Laravel a framework of PHP with simple and expressive syntax and Vue.js which a progressive javascript framework. Laravel is a modern-age, open source, and highly flexible PHP-based web application development framework.

Laravel & Vue.js Ecommerce

Laravel provides a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, disparate ways of accessing relational databases, inbuilt authentication mechanism, caching mechanism, and powerful routing features.

Vue.js is a javascript framework widely used for building UI on the web. Vue.js features an additionally versatile architecture for complex application such as routing, state management, and build tooling.


WooCommerce has a large marketplace and third-party extensions. But Bagisto offers to sell the product at multiple sales channel can help the sellers to increase the sales as well as help him for the brand recognition.

Sellers can integrate multiple eCommerce channels to sell the product in Bagisto.

Inventory Management:

Bagisto is not only bounded to connect with large marketplaces but it also offers a strong Inventory Management tool. Bagisto provides the feature like tracking of the inventory, enables you to create the purchase order and maintain the record of the inventory.

Inventory split requires multi warehousing and without it, a scalable Laravel POS is hard to build.


Example: Imagine a retailer is running bricks and mortar shop at various locations then he can track the inventory at those locations. You can check the same product quantity at various locations and shop.

However, with the strong inventory split, code simplicity, and coherent database support, Bagisto is expanding in the eCommerce community and social media.

If you want to flourish your eCommerce application with newer things, do check on for Bagisto. Please feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views at

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