How does Bagisto Compares with OpenCart ?

Updated 4 January 2019

Nowadays we can see that there are many e-commerce channels, and they are growing quickly. Bagisto is coming as the newest arrival in the e-commerce ecosystem which is built-in Laravel and Vue.js stack.

Bagisto will be a great competitor in the future and will also compete with other e-commerce frameworks like Magento2, Shopify, and WooCommerce.


Now with the Bagisto/Laravel, you can enjoy new technology and leave the previous one which is now old in the market and works traditionally. Bagisto/Laravel provides you to work with the latest technology and features.

Now the developers can make the website most simpler and customizable for the end-users and provide the great user interface for your customers.


Bagisto Vs OpenCart

Now Opencart is the most popular e-commerce channel in the world. It is the largest choice of the people by providing thousand of extension and module.


Most of the customer complaint is there that if we use the OpenCart then there will an issue of Updating of the plugins. Updating plugins in a newer version some time functionalities does not work or showing error.

People are tending to newer technologies for faster development. It might not be even a mile away, but here’s what that sets Bagisto apart.

Community Support:

Community support is the stuff related to support. Nowadays Bagisto/Laravel is growing rapidly. You can check Laravel is supported by the long community.

Some features of the Laravel are a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, several ways of accessing relational databases, and utilities that aid in application deployment and maintenance.


If you are going to compare the OpenCart and Bagisto/Laravel on the basis of their community support then you should go through their Github points and star.

Laravel is the most comprehensive and through its documentation and video tutorials of any modern web application framework, making it easy to learn.

Laravel at Github:

OpenCart at Github:

 Source: Github

Tech Stacks:

The Tech Stacks is a combination of frameworks and programming language that is used to create a Web or Mobile Application. Every application has two different components – front-end and back-end.


Bagisto/Laravel is a PHP framework and there are several competitors are present but Laravel is in trend with it’s quite easier development process.


Inventory Split:

You can connect multi-channel inventories with a single website and can manage and track the product in the Inventory. Most of the modern frameworks do not support multiple inventories like ShopifyWooCommerceOpenCart.

Bagisto/Laravel comes in the process with the support of Multi-Inventory. Now you can make the multiple channel and Inventory sources for the managing the products in inventory.

Multi Store Inventory


Next Generation E-commerce Platform:

Bagisto/Laravel is a framework of PHP with simple and expressive syntax. We can call it the next generation of e-commerce platform with its facilities like simple fast routing engine, Powerful dependency injection container, and Multiple back-ends for session and cache storage.


Built on Vue.js – Progressive JavaScript Frameworks:

Bagisto/Laravel is built with the Vue.js which is a progressive javascript framework. It focuses on making ideas in Web UI development more approachable. Bagisto/Laravel highlights an incrementally adoptable architecture.

It also provides the advanced feature like routing, state management, and build tooling.

Laravel & Vue.js Ecommerce


Product Support unlike in OpenCart:

Bagisto/Laravel Supports all type of product unlike in OpenCart. In the upcoming days, Bagisto is going to support Simple & Configurable product, new product types like Booking and Subscription/Recurring.


With the help of Bagisto/Laravel, you can boost up your product creation efficiency. It takes fewer steps to create a product in Bagisto/Laravel than OpenCart.

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