How does Bagisto compares with Magento?

Updated 11 September 2023

The open-source laravel ecommerce framework built on top of Laravel and Vue.js stack, Bagisto has started disrupting the eCommerce ecosystem dominated by major players like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.


The Big Daddy’s of eCommerce framework might allow you to create seamless eCommerce applications with greater ease but they follow a traditional approach of building eCommerce solution where front end and backend are coupled together.

This has generated a need for open source eCommerce framework by the developers around the world that make it easy to customise and develop eCommerce solution for the end users i.e customers providing them with a better shopping experience.


Bagisto might be the new buzz in town but has started getting traction from the eCommerce community.

Bagisto Vs Magento

With the large fraction of the developer’s choice around the world, Magento is at the helm of eCommerce frameworks.


But due to the difficult code usability of Magento 1 and the urge to try out new technologies, people tend to incline towards more innovative frameworks for faster development.

As a certified Magento Development Company & most popular Magento extensions creator, we know end-to-end about Magento development.

Bagisto might not be even a mile away, but here’s what that sets Bagisto apart.

Headless Approach

Instead of traditional eCommerce approach, Bagisto has invested on headless approach making the front end and backend decoupled.

Headless Architecture

There’s no need of using the tightly coupled user experience. Any front-end technology can be used which can call the functionality of the back-end using RESTful API. This provides a unique ordering experience.

Other key advantages of this approach are:

Blaze Fast Development

Frameworks provide many inbuilt features that you can make use of and increase your development pace.


With the simple click to set up and robust development features, Bagisto has focussed most importantly in easy shopping cart development and increasing productivity.

Bagisto’s Code Driven Approach allows you to easily replicate the framework, re-use the same components, extensions, modules and avoid tedious manual jobs to create an error-free work.

Easy Customisation

The Open Source platform and usability of Laravel tech stack make the customisation very easy to implement.


Although Magento is very robust in terms of development, when it comes to customisation, it’s very complex.

With Bagisto you can create themes and override pages. Also, you can easily customise Bagisto’s components like Controllers. Models and Views as per your business logic.

Coding Standards

Bagisto follows Laravel coding standards. The modular packaging system simplifies the eCommerce application and makes the development process quite easier.

Bagisto offers rapid automation with the inbuilt authentication mechanism, caching mechanism, powerful routing features, and session control. Furthermore, Laravel provides clean URL as an added SEO advantage and takes care of security.


For building user interfaces, Bagisto extracts the power Vue.js.

The framework beats all the bulky frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, and Ember.js in size and facilitates a great deal of flexibility. Most noteworthy, the MVVM architecture makes it quite easy to handle HTML blocks.

Third Party Extension

Magento has a huge marketplace of third-party extensions. But the simplicity of code in Bagisto and has led to more and more developers contributing to the extensions.


The Vue.js implementation as front-end tech stack allows the user to easily build small as well as large scales templates which save a lot of time.

Community Support

Bagisto built on top of Laravel is one of the fastest growing community around the world. Since it’s inception, it has received a huge applause from the community.


The overall reliability offered by the Laravel PHP framework along with its immensely developer’s community support enhance its functionalities to be the best option amongst all.

Magento has been at the pinnacle of the eCommerce framework. Due to its ever-growing community and functionality, it has maintained its position as the sole leader.

However, with the code simplicity, security, clean URL and with joined powers of Laravel and Vue.js, Bagisto has caught the eyes of new developers.

If you are for looking something new and an easy to understand framework to easily build and scale your eCommerce application, do check on for Bagisto. The Open Source framework is ready to disrupt the eCommerce ecosystem.

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