How does “Ayoken” develop an NFT Marketplace for Creators?

Updated 22 July 2022

Ayoken is the first NFT marketplace for buying digital collectibles, and social tokens from musicians, sports brands, and influencers from Africa, and the global diaspora. Here we will discuss, How does Ayoken develop an NFT Marketplace for creators?

How did Ayoken start their journey?

About the Founder of AyokenLabs

The founder of Ayoken is the “Joshua King” and its co-founder is Nena Nwachukwu. The headquarters of Ayoken is in London, England, United Kingdom. 

He helped the Nairobi-based platform called AZA (Bitpesa), which leverages bitcoin to facilitate cross-border remittances. Where he introduced first-time about crypto and blockchain technology.

What Does AyokenLabs Offer to creators?

Ayoken Labs offers his fans to be the world’s leading NFT Marketplace that serves and partners. It also offers A-list and emerging musicians and celebrities throughout Africa and the global diaspora. 

They are planning to enable creators and artists to monetize their work while ensuring that consumers can purchase collectibles by using blockchain technology. 

In this NFT marketplace, fans will have access to tokens such as behind-the-scenes videos and album art. NFT holders will also get other perks like access to unreleased music and exclusive live events by the creative. 

What exactly is the NFT marketplace?


NFT marketplace is a platform where users can buy, sell and trade unique digital assets called NFTs. In the NFT marketplace, you can find various types of collectibles like Art, music, video clips, or any artistic creation, with their ownership and authenticity information. The most important thing is while listing and creating NFTs on a marketplace platform incurs a blockchain network fee, which is called a gas fee. It varies and depends upon the blockchain network. 

For buying and selling cryptos in the NFT marketplace, you need to have the following: 

Fundraiser Of “AyokenLabs”

Fundraiser Of “AyokenLabs”

AyokenLabs will use the pre-seed funding to expand its branches across the globe. It signs several exclusive deals with artists and partnerships with telcos.

This NFT marketplace is funded by 5 investors. CryptoLeague and Maximus Ventures are the most recent investors of the AyokenLabs. 

AyokenLabs has raised a Preseeds round raised-crypto league and Maximus Ventures are the most recent investors $1.4M in funding over one round on May 30, 2022.

How Bagisto can help you to create an NFT marketplace like AyokenLabs?

With Bagisto you can start your own NFT Marketplace from scratch like AyokenLabs. We are specialized in creating a custom NFT marketplace, blockchain for e-commerce, and many more for our clients. Our team of business strategists and engineers will work with you to make your NFT marketplace company into reality.

Bagisto NFT Marketplace Builder encourages merchants from diverse categories to sell digital collectibles from a single storefront. This NFT marketplace also allows you to create and sell digital collectibles that are blockchain-secured. 

You can purchase our Laravel NFT Marketplace Builder extension from our Webkul store. 

Final words:

Hence, We are providing a platform for anyone to create their own decentralized NFT marketplace. To learn more about How does “Ayoken” develop an NFT Marketplace for Creators. You can reach out to us at [email protected] and a member of our Bagisto tech team will contact you. 

You can also raise a ticket through our HelpDesk system.

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