Growthspace : A platform that Alters Personal Development Growth.

Updated 27 September 2022

The GrowthSpace is a talent development platform that offers coaching and high-level employee development programs to the organization. 

GrowthSpace is a learning platform for employees. It helps teams and employees to reach out to their professional goals and business KPIs at scale.

Growthspace Platform

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Firms can use the GrowthSpace to accurately and transparently map their entire L&D investment to business ROI.

Growthspace Platform Overview

GrowthSpace is an employee development program used by many firms for their employees that uses data to personalize learning.

This growth development platform was founded in 2018 by Omer Glass, Dan Terner, and Izhak Kedar to provide a high level of expertise in professional development through an algorithm-powered system.

Growthspace Platform

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It merges a software-as-a-service platform with the marketplace of experts to provide a high level of coaching and training. 

Innovative Features of GrowthSpace Platform

The GrowthSpace is the world’s most accurate, reliable platform that matches each employee to the experts.

It is a talent development platform that works on real-world challenges for the employee and provides training and coaching to the employee.  

This platform provides more functionality to the clients in terms of coaching and training so that they can easily connect to particular coaches and trainers. Explore the personalized features supported by the GrowthSpace platform.  


Learn and understand the soft skills of the experts.

One-on-one Monitoring:

Expert advice from a variety of industry experts.

Internal Monitoring:

Coordinate with the internal monitoring system based on the skills. 

Group Session:

Adapt interactive sessions from all over the world professionals.

Data Retention: 

It retains personal data as long as it is essential for employment purposes.


Using a secure connection protocol GrowthSpace encrypts data in transit.

How did GrowthSpace Start its Journey?

GrowthSpace was founded in 2018 by Dan Terner, Izhak Kedar, and Glass and is based in New York, United States.

There is no impactful result in employee training and development platform that allows firms to better invest in their employees says the CEO of GrowthSpace.

GrowthSpace resulted in the creation of this one-of-a-kind platform. GrowthSpace is preferred by higher firms or set up as a rational solution.

Growthspace Platform

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The GrowthSpace platform enables our clients to use firm data to create effective people programs aligned with business plans and KPIs.

With GrowthSpace, firms can accurately and transparently map their entire learning investment to business ROI.

Workflow of GrowthSpace platform

The employees got many benefits from the GrowthSpace platform. It is a multi-experience program that provides employees with a monitoring session. It offers many programs to its users and helps them grow personally.

With GrowthSpace, you can measure your company’s growth and stability through many business KPIs. It is a one-on-one professional growth development platform that provides different monitoring and group sessions to the employee.

What makes GrowthSpace Unique from other Platforms?

GrowthSpace is an employee development growth platform that provides unique learning and personal growth to the employee. GrowthSpace allows high-performance to the employees.

Growthspace Platform

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It has head coaches, mentors, and experts from over 40 countries speaking 50 languages, and our global expert pool is rapidly expanding.

Why choose Growthspace for Employee Development?

This platform assists in the development of high-performing talent for employees as well as the increase the people’s skills and knowledge.

The GrowthSpace platform connects you with the ideal expert. This solution helped the employee to provide customized offers and reduce the professional development gap.

How can Bagisto Assist you to Create a Marketplace like GrowthSpace?

You can create your GrowthSpace platform from the ground up with the help of Bagisto.

To scale up the business, we create an online marketplace for B2B and B2C transactions. Partnerships are essential in the growing fields of digitization and networking. It expands your business globally.


The GrowthSpace is a career growth platform that uses global experts to tailor each employee’s skills and needs.

All of the experts are great leaders with extensive coaching experience. All professional sessions and training at this platform are sprint-based.

Please email us at [email protected] if you want to learn more about How to create the GrowthSpace. A member of our Bagisto tech team will contact you. You can also use our HelpDesk system to submit a ticket.


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