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Blog for Bagisto

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CompatibilityBagisto v2.0.0
Last Update17 Mar 2024
Created01 Feb 2024
DocumentUser Guide
DeveloperWebbyCrown Solutions

“Blog for Bagisto” extension offers free, advanced-level features allowing seamless integration of blogs into Bagisto stores. It includes SEO-friendly URLs, categorized blogs, responsive images, comment widgets, customizable widgets, and blog import/export.

Blog for Bagisto Extension Features:-

1. SEO-friendly URL by navigating blog pages by page number and organizing posts by primary category and unique slug.
2. Blogs organized by category, tag, and author, enhancing user navigation and enabling focused browsing within specific content categories.
3. Responsive images across various devices and screen sizes for optimal user experience.
4. Show categories and tags with the number of posts associated.
5. Allows choice to enable/disable comment widget independently for each post, providing control over user interaction on specific blog entries.
6. Various widgets available: recent posts on the homepage, related posts on the detail page, and recent posts with nested replies support.
7. Enables posts and comments to support nested replies, facilitating organized discussions with threaded responses for enhanced engagement and interaction.
8. Allows users to designate a specific date for publishing individual blog posts within the Bagisto extension.
9. import/export features for easy content management: upload CSV files to add or update posts and export data for backup or transfer, streamlining blog organization and upkeep.

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