Copying Column Data Between Tables using Migrations in Bagisto

Updated 30 June 2023

To copy a column data from one table to another using migration in Bagisto you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Generate a new migration Open your terminal and navigate to your Bagisto application directory. Use the following command to generate a new migration file:

Step 2: Define the migration
Open the generated migration file (located in database/migrations) using a text editor. In this example, let’s assume the source table is called users and the column you want to copy is email. The new table will be called new_table, and it will also have an email column.

Step 3: Run the migration
Save the migration file and return to your terminal. Execute the following command to run the migration and apply the changes to the database:

Bagisto will execute the up method of the migration, which retrieves the email data from the users table, creates the new_table, and inserts the data into the new table.

Congratulations! You have successfully copied the email column data from the users table to the new_table using a migration in Bagisto.

Additional Notes:
1. Make sure your Bagisto application is properly configured to connect to your database. You can check the .env file for the database configuration settings.
2. Modify the migration code according to your specific column names, table names, and database requirements.
3. If you need to rollback the migration and remove the new_table, you can use the following command:

This will execute the down method of the migration, which drops the new_table.

Please note that Bagisto’s database structure may vary based on your specific application and any customizations you have made. Make sure to adapt the code and instructions based on your specific needs.

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