Conversational Commerce & Its Use In eCommerce

Updated 27 September 2022

Conversational commerce is a form of eCommerce that involves conversation and technology such as AI, voice recognition, and speakers in order to make the process easier. Some examples of Conversational commerce are Chat systems on websites, Live support, Voice Assistance, and Chatbots.

Conversational Commerce

In today’s world as we know that everyone wants themselves to be up to date with the latest technology and trend.

As AI is getting smart everyone is depending more on new technologies like Alexa, Voice Assistant, and search things using voice search. There is how conversational commerce comes all this is done through conversational commerce.

Using these things like voice search, voice assistant or chatbot makes your online store or website more advanced and attracts more customers. Some come due to advance technology and some find it more comfortable to use or place the order.

Before conversational commerce what are the problems?

Before conversational commerce, the customers can only view the product details, reviews, and FAQs for resolving the queries related to the product and its purchase.  Now with the help of Conversational Commerce, the customers can interact with the brand and can ask queries related to the order/ product directly with the store owner/ merchant this enhances the shopping experience.

Also, rather than waiting for a long time for the queries asked by using the contact us form, conversational commerce gives you real-time solutions for their queries.

Conversational commerce is an exciting new development that streamlines the process of digital commerce. It replaces part or all of it with natural, real-time communication between customers and brands. Instead of searching the entire website or mobile app to find the appropriate product or related information the customer can use Conversational Commerce. It will allow the customer to directly interact with the merchant or bot assistant to find the product or its details.

Another way is to simply make use of voice recognition/voice search to filter down the exact same product that the customer wants.

On the other end of that conversation could be an associate or agent, or it could be a chatbot. Chatbots are powered by leading-edge technologies like natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and deep learning. It allows them to understand and imitate human conversation. They can also sift through large amounts of data quickly to create personalized interactions.

Difference between conversational commerce, Social Commerce & Ecommerce

E-Commerce is selling products on an online store, e-commerce site, or a dedicated eCommerce mobile app. This means if you are purchasing products from Myntra or from Flipkart then it means that you are shopping on an eCommerce platform.

Whereas if the customer is purchasing products within their social media experience/platform without switching to any other app or website then it is social commerce. The main part of social commerce is social platforms like – Meta (Facebook), Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce is also a type of eCommerce where the main part is a conversation, which means in this also the customer can place an order, can ask for order-related details, and more. All of this is done through conversation that sometimes involves a chat system – like a chatbot and some time one on one interaction with merchants.

Role of Conversation Commerce in ecommerce Website

If you are using conversational commerce on your website then it will allow your customers to directly contact the merchants in case of any query related to the products and services this will save time and builds trust in your website. Alo this one-on-one interaction provides a better user experience to the customers of your eCommerce website.

In course of their eCommerce journey, eCommerce stores can engage with customers using conversational commerce. There is no doubt that this form of selling is much more effective than aggressive pop-ups or banners. As it opens up a dialog between you and your potential customers in which you are able to establish a much better relationship with them.


There are many advantages to using conversation commerce for e-commerce websites. First, it can help to create a more personal connection with customers. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, conversation commerce can help to streamline the purchase process by providing a more convenient way for customers to find and buy products or services. Finally, conversation commerce can help to generate leads and sales by providing a more efficient way to engage with potential customers.

How to integrate conversational commerce into your website

The simplest way to integrate Conversational commerce into your website or eCommerce online store is to use the chatbot.

If you are having your eCommerce online store on CMS platforms like – Magento (Adobe Commerce), OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, CS-Cart, Bagisto, Shopify, or Prestashop and you want to integrate conversational commerce then you can contact us at [email protected] or raise a ticket at HelpDesk. We will build a custom solution for the same (Additional cost will be involved).

Some of the prebuild solutions are also available. You can check the below links:

We also do develop mobile apps for eCommerce Websites you may check our work – Webkul Mobile Apps.

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