How Bagisto is Helping India’s Vegan Based Product Entanglement!

Updated 3 November 2023

Vegan Affair is an online store that sells 100% plant-based vegan products. Its goal is to make a vegan lifestyle inexpensive and accessible to vegans in India, as well as to connect vegan communities from throughout the country and the subcontinent together.

To learn more, you may visit the Vegan Affair Facebook page.

Intro About Vegan Food

Simply said, vegan refers to a product that does not contain any animal substances. Vegan food excludes all animal-derived foods, such as eggs, meat, fish, poultry, cheese, and other dairy products. Vegan dishes are available at almost every supermarket. Even better possibilities can be found in a decent natural foods store.

Most stores have a good selection of vegan meats, milk, and cheeses. Vegan waffles, burritos, and pizza found in the frozen area.

The sweets are also not to be missed. Vegan ice cream, cookies, brownies, and a variety of other treats are available.

Every major non-vegan food—cream cheese, mayo, eggs, you name it—has at least one vegan substitute in a better natural food store.

As time goes on, your selections will only expand, as vegan food producers release wonderful new products every month.

How Did The Bagisto Marketplace Help Out?

That’s when they came across the Bagisto PWA  Multi-vendor marketplace. Our product had everything they needed to get started. This was a fantastic combination for their concept, as it was straightforward to use and control.

Vegan Affair used several marketplace extensions to improve the overall website and user experience by adding a variety of additional capabilities, as shown below:

Apart from the modules, Bagisto also did some custom work on the Vegan Affair to fulfil their needs.

Bagisto Integrates GST

The Vegan Affair store incorporates the GST (goods & services tax) calculation as per norms set under the Indian government tax rules and regulations.

It automatically adds the GST to the product at the time of checkout. It can assign the rate of the tax on each product. The GST amount is displayed in sections like the order detail page, and invoice.

gst vegan case study

Admin can add the GST details from his ends such as CGST, and SGST values while adding any product.

GST confi Case study

Custom Solutions To Cater Client’s Demands

Initially, the client approached Bagisto with certain special requests. They wanted to show the category rewards on their website so that their customers can see and use these rewards.

case study bagisto

We continued the conversation, discussed the client’s requirements, and then presented the opportunity. Vegan Affair and Baisto team discussed the workflow and decided to move forward with the project.

After some time, we were able to complete the assignment within the deadline. Take a peek at some of our work in the article below.

What Positive Changes Noticed?

With the help of Bagisto development service, the client was able to provide creators from various fields with an established platform to come together and provide customers with rewards.

To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our Bagisto development services & vast range of featureful Bagisto applications.

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