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Vaidyam is an Indian home care health service provider based in Bangalore that has been providing medical care at home for post-hospitalised patients for the past 10 years.

They have provided dedicated and satisfactory services to more than three lakh patients who have recovered from their ailments and disabilities.

Home care service

Meanwhile, they also provide a wide range of medical and non-medical services and medical equipment for patients at their homes.

Highly trained and experienced health professionals are provided who understand patient’s needs and treat them with utmost care.

Bagisto Development Services helped them in their initiative by enabling them to promote their brand to a wider audience on their online platform.

Healthcare Industry in India

India which is the most populated country in the world is a leader when it comes to the healthcare industry.

According to IBEF, the Indian healthcare market was recorded at $370 billion in 2022 and is growing at 22% annually.

This industry alone produces 5 lakh jobs annually in India and amounts to 2.1% of the nation’s GDP.

home care service

India is also a major hub for medical tourism as surgery in India costs about a tenth of what it does in other countries.

Rising income levels, ageing population, and increased awareness of personal health have boosted the growth of this industry.

Awareness of health insurance has also aided in the further expansion of this market in recent years.

What problems did Vaidyam faced?

Vaidyam was not able to promote its brand to the rising demand for home healthcare services which caused many missed business opportunities.

They wanted to expand their business to cater to more audiences to increase their customer base and thereby increasing their sales.

Their requirement was to have a platform that could showcase all their services that could cover a large audience.

Meanwhile, the platform should also be very reliable and scalable so the customers do not face difficulties while booking services and products.

To deliver their medical services to a large customer base they decided to use Bagisto as their eCommerce solution.

In this case study, we’ll learn about the features of Bagisto that helped Vaidyam to go online and expand its customer base.

Appealing Storefront

Bagisto provides a fascinating and visually appealing storefront to the customers visiting the website.

home care service

This attracts new customers and gives a strong first impression that makes them look around the products and services on the website.

Impressive Catalog Management

Bagisto’s catalog management can display and organize a wide range of products that can be filtered according to consumer needs.

home care catalogue

With Bagisto’s solution, a customer can look for relevant results that match their requirements.

Device Compatibility

With Bagisto’s responsive design, a person can use Vaidyam to book services whenever and wherever they choose, all while enjoying a consistent and user-friendly experience.

Vaidhya mobile

home care service

It works with all gadgets and adjusts to fit screens of all sizes, including tablets, smartphones, and desktops etc.

Enhanced Scalability

Bagisto provides functionality to handle large online traffic on the site making the webpage much more effective.

home care services

As Vaidhyam’s customer base increases Bagisto’s architecture handles the growth on the platform flawlessly.

Efficient SEO Optimization

Bagisto optimizes the website’s SEO by increasing its search engine ranking on the search engine result page on the browser.

This helps to increase its visibility via organic search which in turn increases the online traffic on the website.

Provides Octane Support

Bagisto’s Octane support ensures faster loading and keeps users interested and busy with the help of proper cache management which enhances the customer experience.

End Note

Vaidyam was able to create a robust website that provides customers with a large selection of healthcare services with Bagisto.

Vaidyam was able to increase its customers thanks to the platform’s adaptable and scalable architecture for its home care service.

Bagisto’s features such as an interactive storefront, and responsive design gave a smooth user experience to the customers.

In the end, this helped Vaidyam succeed in the challenging healthcare market and set them apart from competitors.

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