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Cura 360 is USA’s online health and wellness store which sells a variety of health and wellness equipments.

Their products include various equipments like manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, walking aids, fitness equipment , etc.


The company aims to provide health and fitness products at a very affordable price with easy access to service.

Their online presence was enhanced by the integration of Bagisto development services, which also provided them with unique features and functions.

Health and Fitness Market in USA

According to Statista, the fitness and health industry in the US will generate US$20.87 billion in sales by 2024.

In this sector, China is taking a pioneer position with the highest revenue of about US$28,360.00m by 2024.

There are various online websites available in the USA like, 49ersfitness, and others which could give tough competition to the Cure 360.

How Cure 360 Set up an Online Store with Bagisto

The customer wanted to create a website that was easy to use so that even non-techies could purchase online.

Bagisto which is an open-source platform built on the Laravel framework plays an important role in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of websites.

The customer selected Bagisto for their online store because of its advantages, which include improved performance, scalability, and effective resource usage for e-commerce websites.

Let’s go through the features and functionalities of the Bagisto-built store

Impressive Catalog Management

A well-organized and structured product catalog with appropriate categorization, tagging, and search optimization makes it easier for customers to find the products.

A well-managed catalog facilitates the creation of product bundles and kits which can increase average order value and revenue.



Effective catalog management streamlines operations enhances the customer experience, and supports the growth and profitability of an e-commerce business.

Detailed Product Description

Detailed product descriptions are very useful for an e-commerce site because they give the customers a thorough detail of products.

To highlight the benefits of a product, a detailed product description is utilized in a variety of marketing contexts, including social media and advertising.



Well-written and informative product descriptions can help customers purchase by highlighting the product’s benefits.

Quick View Option

Offering a Quick View option can differentiate an e-commerce site from competitors and provide a more modern and convenient shopping experience.

Quick View can help remove barriers and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates by making it easier for customers to access product information.


Implementing a Quick View option on an e-commerce site can enhance the customer experience, and improve engagement.

SEO Optimisation

Effective SEO strategies can help an e-commerce site rank higher in search engine pages for relevant keywords, driving more organic traffic to the website.

By implementing effective SEO strategies, an e-commerce site can gain a competitive edge over rivals who have not prioritized SEO.


SEO tools and analytics can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, search trends, and website performance which increases sales.

Customisation Friendly

Customization options allow customers to personalize products according to their preferences, making the products more unique.

Customization features encourage customers to spend more time on the website, exploring different options and creating their desired product.


Offering customization options can differentiate an e-commerce site from competitors, providing a unique selling point.

Multiple Payment Options

By providing a variety of payment methods, customers can choose their preferred option, making the checkout process more convenient.

Providing well-known and trusted payment methods can increase customers’ confidence in the security and legitimacy of the e-commerce site.


By offering a diverse range of customized payment options, e-commerce sites can provide a better shopping experience.

Final words

The e-commerce solution offered by Bagisto has greatly contributed to the expansion of Cura360’s online presence.

The platform’s effective order management system and user-friendly interface made it possible for Cura 360 to achieve its marketing goals therefore increasing sales and profit.

Check out other Bagisto extensions to improve your online presence even further.

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