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Saleko is an online marketplace store in Nigeria that offers genuine items straight from the heart of local marketplaces.

The goal is to support small businesses by giving them a platform to market and sell their goods to a worldwide customer base and equipping them with the skills and tools they need to be successful.

Saleko seeks to offer a user-friendly and effective platform for commercial transactions in the Nigerian market by utilizing Bagisto’s versatile capabilities.

This case study examines how the business transformed its online operations and saw impressive development by implementing Bagisto, an open-source e-commerce platform, effectively.

E-commerce Market in Nigeria

Nigeria has one of Africa’s largest internet economies. Nigeria has a sizable digital audience because it has the youngest population in the world and the biggest population on the continent.

The nation boasts some of the strongest mobile network coverage and infrastructure in all of Africa.

As per Go-Globe, The Nigerian economy’s e-commerce industry is predicted to reach a peak of US$9.02 billion in 2023.

Additionally, The Nigerian eCommerce market is predicted to develop at a 14.6% annual rate in 2023, contributing to the 9.6% global growth rate that year.

The top online e-commerce sites in Nigeria’s online industry as of 2022 are,, which brings a big competition for the Saleko.

What is the Need of Online MarketPlace?

An online marketplace opens up a business to sell to other businesses across regions, countries, and even globally.

This allows buyers and sellers to easily connect and transact from anywhere and no need to travel to physical stores.

Many sellers offer similar items, buyers often get better pricing due to competition hence, Comparison shopping is easier online.

Transparency such as seller ratings and customer feedback promotes responsibility and confidence in transactions that otherwise could be riskier.

Bagisto’s Role in Setting up Online MarketPlace Store

Bagisto as an open-source ecommerce platform built on Laravel, significantly influences and shapes the features and specifications of websites.

The client was looking for a way to streamline the online establishing process, empower clients without technical experience, and create an easy-to-set-up eCommerce site.

Bagisto development services helped them become more visible online by providing customized features and functions.

Let’s see the features and specifications of the store built on Bagisto.

Multi-vendor Marketplace

A multivendor marketplace is an e-commerce platform that allows multiple third-party sellers to sell their products through a single platform.

The multivendor e-commerce model helps democratize online commerce by lowering barriers to entry. This results in more competition.

For customers, multivendor marketplaces provide a one-stop shop with more choice and variety, and competitive pricing as sellers compete for sales.

Impressive Catalog Management

An organized catalog makes it easier for customers to find and understand products which leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Catalog management gives better visibility into what products are in stock which allows us to avoid overselling or underselling items.

Using templates and content management tools makes adding new items to the catalog much easier and faster.

Checkout Process and Payment Option

A seamless checkout with fewer steps is proven to convert more website visitors into paying customers.

Consumers like the ease of a simple checkout process and the selection of their chosen payment options. As a result, the brand experience is improved.

Providing a range of widely accepted international payment options allows tapping into worldwide demand rather than just domestic shoppers.

Product Description and Magnification

Magnification tools let customers better examine colors, materials, size, etc. before purchasing to ensure the product is up to expectations.

With all relevant facts readily available, customers may compare products in a more knowledgeable and informed way.

With zoom, one may see minute features that are sometimes difficult to observe in ordinary photos. These details can be major selling factors.

Final Words

Bagisto played an important role in driving Saleko to the forefront of the very competitive online marketplace store sector in the market.

Modern features on the online store contributed significantly to Saleko’s growth in addition to helping it maintain a reputation.

For inquiries about launching an identical online e-commerce store and starting your online business, please reach out to Bagisto’s sales team.



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