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Chanil is a Turkish online perfume store that is playing a significant role in the growth and development of the fragrance industry in the country.

The company meets customers’ fragrance needs with a wide range of perfume products in response to rising demand.

Chanil aims to provide customers with a user-friendly online shopping experience, offering high-quality perfumes from renowned brands.

As a result, Chanil is contributing to the increasing popularity and market size of the perfume industry in Turkey.

Online Perfume Sector in Turkey

According to StrategyHelix, the perfume market in Turkey is projected to grow by US$ 409 million during the forecast period of 2021-2027, with an annual growth rate of 10.1%.

This indicates significant growth and potential in the Turkish perfume market, for businesses and investors in the fragrance industry.

Turkey, known as a fragrance hub, has key players in the market such as Stamboul Bazaar,  Perfume Turkey, and Care To Beauty who are shaping the market landscape and presenting competition to Chanil.

The market is witnessing a surge in the popularity of traditional Turkish perfume, which has led to the emergence of new players.

This shift not only highlights the cultural significance of scents in Turkey but also presents an opportunity for companies like Chanil to cater to the evolving preferences of consumers.

How Bagisto Empower Chanil into an Online Perfume Store?

Bagisto is an open-source Laravel-based based providing solutions to businesses that are seeking to switch to digital stores with innovative specifications.

The Client is looking solution for an easy online store setup according to the contemporary market.

Let’s see the features and specifications developed on the Bagisto.

Checkout Process and Payments

An easy checkout process reduces steps and enhances customer experiences which saves time for customers to further look for products.

Moreover, a streamlined checkout process fastens the transaction process and diverse payment methods provide customers with a wide range of choices.

Implementing secure payment options and displaying trust indicators during checkout builds customer confidence.

Product Description

It provides essential information about the product, helping customers understand its features, specifications, and benefits.

Well-crafted descriptions and customers make informed purchasing decisions by highlighting key selling points and unique features.

Furthermore, including relevant keywords in product descriptions search engine visibility, gives more organic traffic to the store.

Social Login and Profile Management

Social login allows users to sign in using their existing social media credentials, saving time and effort.

Moreover, it streamlines the registration process by eliminating the need for users to fill out lengthy forms.

It provides accurate user data obtained from their profile. This data can be used by sites to personalize their store.

RTL Multilingual Feature

RTL feature enables the site to cater to a wider audience. This increased traffic and potential sales from diverse regions.

Customers interacting with the site in their native language will have a more natural experience contributing to improved usability.

Displaying content in RTL format demonstrates cultural sensitivity and an understanding of diverse language preferences.


Bagisto played an important role in pushing Chanil to the forefront of Turkey’s perfume Market.

Through its innovative features, the online store not only projects a professional image but also became a driving force behind Chanil’s success.

Bagisto has various inbuilt features despite that Bagisto development services will help you incorporate multiple add-on features.

For inquiries about launching an identical online perfume store and starting your online business, please reach out to Bagisto’s sales team.

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