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Azaricompany : Azari Paint Company’s journey to eCommerce excellence with Bagisto

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Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Azaricompany, a leading Iranian Paint brand digitally transformed with Bagisto and developed an online paint store.

The company utilized scientific advancements, technological innovations, and novel approaches to maximize market opportunities.

Today, the paint industry is not just coating the walls, it is about protecting the environment, enhancing durability, and empowering consumers.

Booming oil and gas infrastructure fuels strong demand for protective coatings, hence driving growth in the industry.

Market of the eCommerce and Paint Sector in Iran

According to the (IMF), the real GDP growth rate of Iran is forecasted to reach 2.1% by the end of 2026.

As per Statista, the Paint and wallpaper market is projected to achieve a revenue of US$1.26bn by 2023, followed by an estimated growth rate of 2.85% between 2023 and 2028.

According to ECDB, Hobby & Leisure has the largest and accounts for 24.8%  of the Iranian e-commerce revenue.

Furthermore, Electronics with 22.4% and  DIY with 6.7% which is Azari’s primary focussed market.

Why Sell Online?

Azari’s online paint store with Bagisto enables wider reach, customer convenience, and cost savings through reduced physical store expenses.

Online Store can offer 24/7 customer service through email, chat, or phone, which can provide customers with quick and convenient support. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Why Use Bagisto?

Azaricompany, an Iranian paint brand, chose Bagisto as its eCommerce platform because of its robust customization, user-friendly interface, catalog management, SEO optimization, and payment security features.

These features allowed Azari to create a strong online paint store, leading to significant growth in the competitive market.

Bagisto’s flexibility and scalability also make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

How Bagisto impacted Azaricompany?

Bagisto is a robust and flexible eCommerce platform that significantly added Azari in building its online paint store.

Following are the key points where Bagisto developed the feature of Azaricompany.

Customization feature

Bagisto offers a high degree of customization, allowing Azari to adapt its website to match its brand identity and meet its specific business requirements.

The homepage’s quality has high resolution with sub-categorisation of the category giving clear insights about the product and its availability.

This feature encourages buyers to stay on the site and it automatically increases the traffic of the website.

User-friendly Interface

Bagisto provides an intuitive and user-friendly admin panel. This made it easy for the Azari team to manage products, orders, and content without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Catalog Management

Bagisto’s catalog management tools made it easy for Azari to display and organize its wide range of Paint products.

They could easily add new products, update the description, and manage stock levels.

SEO Optimization and Secure login feature

Bagisto includes built-in SEO features, allowing Azari to optimize its website for search engines because of this more customers would visit the site.

This helped them improve their search results visibility and attract more organic traffic.

A protected Login feature with a phone number emerges as a key indicator to explore Azari’s diverse paint and its tools offerings.

Persian RTL Multilingual Functionality

Bagisto offers a multilingual feature that supports RTL (Right-to-Left) scripts, including Persian.

This feature enables users to easily switch between languages and view content in their preferred script direction.

With Bagisto’s multilingual and RTL support, businesses can expand their reach to customers in different regions and languages, making it a versatile and inclusive platform for e-commerce operations.

Payment Security

Bagisto incorporates various features to safeguard customer data and payment information. As a result, it boosts customer trust and credibility, making it significant for building customer relationships.

Furthermore, Bagisto offers essential features that prioritize the protection of customer data and payment information.

Transactions at Azari are guarded by robust security features because customers can freely buy the product without compromising peace of mind.


Bagisto empowered Azari to create a strong online paint store, leading to success in Iran’s competitive paint market.

Azari achieved significant growth in the Iran paint market due to the powerful e-commerce website provided by Bagisto.

The various innovative features of Bagisto helped Azari maintain a professional and efficient online presence, paving the way for its success in the competitive Iran paint e-commerce market.

As a result, Azari was able to establish itself as a prominent player in the Iran paint e-commerce market,

If you are interested in creating an identical paint website to commence your online business, kindly contact Bagisto’s sales team.



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