Boost your children’s knowledge by joining “Glorang Marketplace”

Updated 25 July 2022

The Ed-Tech market is clearly transforming school institutions. Students now easily access knowledge online, participate in tutoring sessions with the press of a button, and interact with content in many ways.

COVID-19 has had the most impact on the education business, workplaces continue to operate remotely, businesses continue to operate online, and the education system sector continues to function as online.

Glorang Marketplace

Glorang is a U.S. government-level education system that recognizes the uniqueness of each child and helps them to develop their talents and abilities, does not set uniform standards, but emphasizes autonomy and fosters creativity. 

This Marketplace allows children to study on any device through live video classes that are tailored to their interests and timetable.

What is Glorang Marketplace?

Glorang is a Seoul-based Ed-Tech startup that offers online education after-school classes and extracurricular activities for students aged 3 to 18.

Glorang Marketplace

If you’re having fun, I’m having fun too! Parents, children, and even teachers! Meet the online live kid’s school coog with 94% class satisfaction as an app.

This system is an online live education platform that offers over 1,000 small interactive lessons. Check out the classes that can broaden children’s knowledge and continue their colorful dreams through proven, professional teachers.

Glorang customizes educational features for children

Allow them to lead: Glorang Marketplace encourages children and teenagers to take ownership of their education and pursue their interests.

Assist them in connecting: Our live, small group sessions and engaging teachers assist children in developing genuine friendships.

A study from the experts: Our educators are secure, vetted, and experienced… but most importantly, they are enthusiastic about what they teach.

Unending Customised Themes: You can choose from over 150,000 age-appropriate workshops and camps to keep your employees and students engaged.

How did Glorang Start Their Journey?

Glorang was launched in 2017 by Hwang, who began with an AI-powered platform that assisted students in matching with study abroad programs. 

Glorang refocused its main business, the online class platform, and launched Gguge in 2020, according to Hwang. According to the corporation, Gguge has over 100,000 users in South Korea.

How Glorang will use Series A to expand its services? 

Glorang is an online education platform whose goal is to become Asia’s Outschool. According to Hwang, the company’s economic concept is comparable to Outschool, a San Francisco-based after-school marketplace for children. 


Moroever, Glorang plans to use Series A to expand its service to Japan and Malaysia by the fourth quarter of this year, followed by Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam in the following years, according to Hwang. It also intends to expand its workforce.

How Bagisto Can Help You To Develop Your Own Glorang.

With Bagisto you can start your own Ed-tech Marketplace from scratch like Glorang Marketplace. We specialize in creating smart solutions for our clients. 

Moroever, Our team of business strategists and engineers will work with you to make your education company into reality. We speak from experience and competence in starting e-learning businesses from the ground up. 

Bagisto has a deep awareness of the unique requirements for Ed-tech solutions. We build an online multivendor marketplace for both B2B and B2C in order to scale up the business.


Hence, To learn more about How to Create Your Glorang Marketplace, shoot us an email at [email protected] and a member of our Bagisto tech team will contact you. 

You can also submit a ticket through our HelpDesk system.

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