BFCM and Holidays – How will you prepare your website?

Updated 20 December 2022

BFCM means Black Friday & Cyber Monday, these are the most awaited days for shopping all over the world. The day following US Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, needs no special introduction. Similarly, cyber Monday follows the same trends. Comparing this day to an average day, sales climb by 663% worldwide.

Apart from BFCM, October to December is the busiest month for the buyer and sellers because of multiple occasions like Good Friday, Easter, Diwali, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


On Cyber Monday, consumers are trained to look for online sales, whereas Black Friday is more closely associated with physical retailers. As a store owner, you need to focus on your website and how will you prepare it for these bulk sales and these shopping days.

As a store owner, you can follow these basic steps and prepare your website.

Focus on Shipping

Additional sales mean additional shipping, extra packaging, services, shipping carriers, and so on. So as a store owner you need to focus on the shipping for secure delivery of the packages.


Recruit Extra Staff for BFCM

Many retailers discover they need to hire seasonal holiday staff to keep up with increased, if temporary demand, whether they are brick-and-mortar stores that need salespeople and check-out clerks or online-only shops that need people to pack and ship items.


Here are some suggestions to make sure you have enough workers:

Be sure you will follow all the rules and regulations as per the government policy.

Focus on Digital Marketing

Nowadays, people are exploring more products online as compared to offline. If you want to enhance your store shopping then you need to work on good digital marketing tactics. Where you can engage your customer on your website for multiple purchases.


You can work on omnichannel marketing where you can cover brick-and-mortar shops with online shops. This will help you in branding and promotion of your store. You can target ad campaigns for showcasing your brand. Also include some print and social media to display your products and services.

Include social reasons in your store to attract customers, such as how your business will benefit a specific neighborhood. This will help customers to get attracted to the store’s services and they will purchase more from your store.

Introduce New Offers

New offers always attract the customer to shop more like buy 1 get 1, buy 2 and get 50% off, and so on. These types of offers you can introduce to your store will help you to boost sales. Many big giants offer multiple sales in their stores like big billion days, end of reason sales, republic or independence day sales, and so on.

With the help of these sales, the store owners can earn the max profit on both medium brick-and-mortar or online. The store owner can take the advantage of BFCM and clear out their old stock and off-season products with some discount. So it will help you to clear out the inventory and customers will get the product at less price.

Include Some Extra Benefits

Store owners can also add extra benefits on the occasion of BFCM like free shipping after purchasing a specific amount of products. Cashback for using different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments, and different wallets.

Store owners can also provide the reward point for each purchase so the customer can redeem the point while purchasing a new product.

Decorate Your Store

Store decoration is equally important as store products. As a store owner, you need to decorate your both online and offline store. So the customer will attract to the store and purchase the product it’s directly proportional to the increased sales.

Summing Up

These are a few basic steps you can follow and get your website ready for the BFCM or similar holidays. As all holidays provide a huge opportunity for earning and expanding business whether it’s a small business or a large-scale business.

It all depends on the marketing tactics and strategy that how will you manage the store and sales in this peak season. Where every customer demands fast delivery, updated payment methods, and new product with multiple offers and referrals.

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