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Bagisto Website Social Share

Hey guys, so in my today’s document, we will learn about the new feature “Bagisto Website Social Share”.

Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, 350 Million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook, with 14.58 million photo uploads per hour, 243,000 photo uploads per minute, and 4,000 photo uploads per second.

Apart from this approx 95 million data uploaded on other social media platforms.

Bagisto Website social share allows you to share your website content (page, posts, image, media) on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Mail.


With this feature, you can make your products reach a huge number of customers present on these social media platforms. This can attract a large no. of customers towards your website and in result can help you make more than your expected profits.

How to Use Bagisto Website Social Share Feature?

Once you have successfully installed the Bagisto now visit the wonderful admin panel.

Then the very first step is to go to Configure>>Catalog>>Product>>Social Share then enable all the toggle buttons for successfully using this functionality as shown in the below snapshot.

Bagisto Website Social Share

Now you need to enable all these toggle buttons so that customers would be able to share the product on other social media platforms.


The customer will find the WhatsApp share icon when they are browsing the website on the mobile. Moreover, the admin can also enter the message which they want to share with the product.

Customer’s Interface/Front-end

When a customer visits the product page on your Bagisto website they will find the beautiful Social Share buttons as shown below snapshot.


Click on various options to share products on various social media platforms. By hovering on the arrow, all available social share icon will appear on the screen.


Once the customer will click on Facebook a pop arises through which the customer can share the product on other social media platforms.

Responsive View

The customer can also share the product with their friends, colleagues, and family on WhatsApp. As you can see in the below image.

whats app-share-in-bagisto



If you have any issues/queries regarding the feature please raise a ticket at

Did you find the guide helpful? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

Thanks for paying attention!!

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We have built Bagisto extensions and its a great experience. With great scope of customization and scalability its really awesome to work on Bagisto, very easy to install and clean code is one of the best features of Bagisto.

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