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Updated 8 February 2024

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We will learn about the new feature “Bagisto Website Social Share”.

Every day there are over 500 million Tweets, and 350 Million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook, with 14.58 million photo uploads per hour, 243,000 photo uploads per minute, and 4,000 photo uploads per second.

Apart from this approx 95 million data was uploaded on other social media platforms.

Bagisto Website social sharing allows you to share your website content (page, posts, image, media) on major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and Mail.

With this feature, you can make your products reach a huge number of customers present on these social media platforms.

This can attract a large no. of customers to your website and as a result, can help you make more than your expected profits.

Social Share

So to add go to Admin Panel and click on Configure >> Catalog >> Product >> Social Share 

After clicking on the Save Configuration button.


All the icons that you just enabled from the Admin Panel are created as shown in the below image.

So by this, you can easily Enable/Disable this functionality in Bagisto.

Thanks for reading this blog. Please comment below if you have any questions. Also, you can Hire Laravel Developers for your custom Laravel projects.

Hope it will be helpful for you or if you have any issues feel free to raise a ticket at our Support Portal

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