Bagisto Publish Command Added

Updated 12 August 2022

As you all know, previously in Bagisto we are publishing the full packages due to which all the packages which we actually not needed also get published. Even in the installation section, we have added the --all tag earlier.

To overcome this we have added a command for publishing the Bagisto assets only i.e.,

This command also supports the --force flag same as the default Laravel, which overwrites the file if the file already exists.

Now, if you check this command, this command is having all the list of providers which Bagisto needed i.e.,

  1. DB Blade Compiler Package
  2. Admin Package
  3. UI Package
  4. Core Package
  5. Shop Package
  6. Product Package
  7. Velocity Package
  8. Booking Product Package
  9. Social Package
. . .

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