Augmented Reality and its Importance

Updated 12 October 2022

What is Augmented reality:-
Augmented reality is a technology that showcases us with virtual objects and information in the real environment. Example:- By using your smartphone, if you open the camera and point to a street then it will give you information about the cafe, gym, shops, etc.

Augmented reality helps the users to have an interactive experience with the real environment. Augmented reality helps the user to view the actual product before purchasing it. The user also has the option to view the product in 3-D and 360-degree view.

Working flow of Augmented Reality:-

Any device equipped with a camera (might be a smartphone, glasses, etc) loaded with AR software. When the user points to the device and looks at an object then the computer recognizes it through computer vision technology and downloads the details of the object and provides the information in a 3-D experience.

What is the benefit of Augmented Reality:- 

Why E-commerce Business need Augmented reality:-

Brands using AR:- 

There are plenty of giant organizations dealing in the different sectors that are now using augmented reality in order to facilitate their customer to check the products (either suitable or not) before purchasing.
Some of the companies are:-

They are many more giants brands that are using AR to enhance the customer experience and eventually get more benefits on sales and revenue

Impact of Augmented reality on pandemic:- 

During the pandemic, the AR helps the customer to find the actual product without going anywhere. The customer finds the product and purchases it from the same source without any hustle.

Branding & promotion by using AR: 

Now -a- days, AR is an emerging trend in the market for promotion and branding. It helps the brand (companies) to offer a unique experience to their customer by tapping into their smartphones.
AR also creates a virtual experience that can be memorized easily by the customer.

It does provide an eCommerce customer to experience the product in their space and time before they purchase which eventually buzz the sales and revenue of the business with customer satisfaction.

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