Algolia for Bagisto

Hey, guys in today’s doc we are going to learn about how we can successfully configure and use the “Algolia for Bagisto”.

With the help of this feature, you can integrate the Algolia search engine into your Bagisto web store. Algolia is a hosted search engine capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke.

Algolia’s powerful API lets you quickly and seamlessly implement search within your websites, mobile.

Features of Algolia for Bagisto

Admin configuration of Algolia for Bagisto

To successfully configure the Algolia with your Bagisto store, firstly you need to login to your Algolia Account.


Once you log in to the algolia accounts at the dashboard you need to go to the API Keys section where you will find the “Application ID” and “Admin API Key/Secret Key” as shown in the below snapshot.


Now you need to copy these two keys, which we are going to use to configure the Algolia with your Bagisto web store.

After that, now let’s go to your Bagisto package and navigate to Bagisto>>Config Folder>>Scout.php

By default, you will find the SCOUT_DRIVER as null where you need to mention the ‘algolia’ as shown in the below image.

bagisto algolia configuration.png

After that, under the “Algolia Configuration,” you need to paste the “Application ID” and “Admin API Key/Secret Key” as display in the below image.

bagisto algolia configuration 2.png

Last but not least save these changes.


With the help of this feature, a Customer can search for Products just by typing the Keywords as shown in the below snapshot.


Index Management

The admin has to navigate through Login to Algolia Account >> Dashboard >> Indices Products_index. 


Once the admin successfully configures the Algolia with their Bagisto web store.

After that, all the product data which the admin is adding, updating, and deleting will automatically be updated to his algolia account under the product index as you can see in the above snapshot.

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  • Biru kunwar
    Hello team
    i could not run bagisto package in my local machine because of Please install the Algolia client: algolia/algoliasearch-client-php.
    i did made account in algolia and used its both keys as mentioned above
    but i could not be success
    • saurav pathak
      May I know what version of Bagisto you are using?
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