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Vigada Care is an online store of Ayurvedic medicine for your health and sustainability. It has been importing its products all over the world since 2019.

The primary goal was establishing a strong presence and leveraging existing platforms to engage with customers more effectively.

Online Ayurvedic Medicine in India

Today, we have ten multiple websites to buy online Ayurvedic medicine stores in India. Online Ayurvedic medicine refers to the availability of Ayurvedic remedies, products, and consultations through online platforms.

It has become increasingly popular as people seek convenient access to traditional Ayurvedic treatments and expertise from the comfort of their homes.


Through an online Ayurvedic medicine store, you can access a variety of Ayurvedic remedies for common ailments, such as digestive issues, skin problems, stress management, and immune support.

How did they start their business?

In 2019, Deepika, Amit and Rohit launched their company. The reason for starting their business was a passion for making medicine with the help of Ayurveda ingredients.

Now that some of them have sold out in physical stores, the company intends to sell its goods on Amazon and Flipkart.

three people developed their company

It provides a comprehensive approach to maintaining and restoring balance in the body through various methods, including diet, herbal remedies and yoga.

Vigada Care has only one purpose i.e. it aims to “Bring wellness for a better life”, their ultimate goal is to achieve harmony within oneself and the environment.

Why did the company choose Ayurveda?

The foundation of Ayurveda lies in the belief that health and wealth result from a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit.

Ayurveda ingredients use natural substances, oils, and herbal medications. Consequently, the body won’t experience any negative consequences from it.

It provides a comprehensive approach to maintaining the balance between the body. Not only will the treatment heal the illness, but it will also benefit your physique.

User-friendly interface

The Vigada Care website developed on Bagisto provides an appealing and intuitive user interface.

The customers can see product categories, view detailed product descriptions and add items to their shopping cart.

The homepage provides a clean design with an attractive banner showing popular and new products and categories. It also has a user-friendly category menu for browsing products.

Differnet medicine for differnet disease

Product Catalog Management

Bagisto enables efficient management of the Vigadacare products catalog. This platform offers an adaptable interface for amending and classifying products.different types of product Additionally, this website includes a comprehensive product catalog with products like cough, cold, fever, and knee pain. It aids in releasing you from various illnesses.

How Bagisto helps to Vigada Care?

To advertise its products in the marketplace, Vigada Care intends to create an online store. It desires an e-commerce website that is adaptable, scalable and configurable.

After connecting with Webkul, the customer chose to build their website on the Laravel-based Bagisto platform.

Webkul attend to the demands and fulfills the requirements of its clients, assisting in the establishment of a strong presence offering a smooth experience and delivering the website according to the client’s needs.

Vigada Care Foundation

Vigada Care started an NGO that works for Elderly Care people, Women Empowerment and Children Care.

Our support to senior citizens who are not supported by their families and have worked hard all their lives and did not have any monetary facility from the government.

Helps to needy people

Vigada Care Foundation is planning to build a retirement centre for elderly care people who are living alone, and not supported by family.

We provide bridge courses to those children who suffered breaks in their formal education. We take care of educational requirements such as books and bags.

Cost Effective Solution

When opposed to starting from scratch and creating a customised e-commerce solution, With the help of Bagisto Development it can lower development costs.

Furthermore, time and development resources are saved by the pre-built modules and themes in the Bagisto.

Because it was an open-source nature, there were no costs involved, which made it an affordable option for the business.


By leveraging Bagisto’s capabilities, like its eco-friendly interface and catalog management, Vigada Care is able to effectively develop its e-commerce website.

Bagisto’s cost-effectiveness and customization provide Vigada Care with a strong platform for future development and innovation in the digital industry.

We sincerely hope you find the Vigada Care case study informative. Thank you for reading it. For your project, consider hiring Laravel Developers if you want to create a similar online store.

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