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Muktinathkrishi Agricultural a pioneer public company in the agriculture sector, was established in 2018 with vision to promote agriculture.

A gradual change in the value chain and supply chain of agri-inputs transforming the country towards the path of self-sufficiency.

Muktinathkrishi Agricultural emerges as a company of innovation and progress. It focuses on agricultural products and latest services.


The company recognized the need for a robust e-commerce marketplace platform to broaden its horizons and streamline operations.

Further Company transferred from one seller to a multi-vendor marketplace using the Bagisto platform which helped different sellers to sell their products online.

The Online Agriculture Industry Growth in Nepal

According to Statista In 2019, the growth of value added in agriculture in Nepal was approximately five percent.

This was an increase from 2016, in which the value added in agriculture grew by 0.2 percent in Nepal.

Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 9.95%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$1.96bn by 2029.

What Challenges did Muktinathkrishi faced?

Initially, Muktinathkrishi Agricultural faced multiple challenges of limited market reach, confined primarily to their local region.

Expanding beyond these boundaries was crucial for sustained growth as it was difficult to reach their product to mass audience.

Moreover, managing inventory across multiple retail locations, lacking real-time tracking and optimization capabilities.

Additionally, integrating a new e-commerce platform was the real need with existing systems posed concerns, necessitating a seamless transition to maintain operations.

Solution – Open Source Bagisto

In collaboration with Webkul and utilizing Bagisto’s capabilities, Muktinath Krishi found solutions to their challenges.

To overcome the limitations of their market reach, they developed a user-friendly website using Bagisto’s adaptable framework.

Bagisto extensions enabled them to showcase their diverse range of agricultural products and services to a broader audience, transcending geographical barriers.

For inventory management, Bagisto platform offered real-time tracking and optimization features, streamlining supply chain operations.

Moreover, Webkul’s expertise in Bagisto development services facilitated a smooth integration process, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximal productivity.

Muktinathkrishi uses Bagisto for their e-commerce website solution where they can manage their product catalog, orders, and inventory and much more.


Wide Range of Categories

Bagisto provides a wide range of categories that help the company showcase its product in well-organized and multiple sections.

The products are well organized and grouped into categories which helps the customer to easily find their respective product according to their needs.


Responsive Design

Regardless of the screen size the customer can browse on any of the screen sizes available, this cross-device compatibility offers a user-friendly experience.

This feature helps the customer to purchase products from anywhere at any time without thinking much of device compatibility on mobile app, such as mobile devices and tablets, etc.


Easy Scalability

Bagisto is a robust e-commerce platform that can handle heavy website traffic without compromising its performance optimization.

Seamless Checkout process

The online purchasing experience for customers of Muktinathkrishi is enhanced with Bagisto’s quick and easy checkout process.

Customer can easily register themselves using there mobile number and can proceed for checkout of the product without any multi-step process for checkout.

SEO Optimization

Bagisto helps websites rank better on search engines by optimizing their SEO management which can drive more traffic to the site and ultimately increase its visibility online.

It also gives a smooth shopping experience as the website can be found easily on the search engine result page.


The implementation of a user-friendly website broadened their market reach, unlocking new opportunities beyond their local area.

Efficient inventory management through Bagisto’s system optimized their supply chain operations, boostinghe website and reducing costs.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of the e-commerce platform with existing systems ensured operational continuity without disruptions.

This helped the local farmers with a reliable platform to showcase their produce and receive fair prices.

Contribution to Open Web

Webkul is OpenSource giant and continuously contributes to the open web with a blaze. We wish you to join the commuinity to make this framework more stable.

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