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Iran (Islamic Republic of)

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Mirzazadeh is an online store of Persian carpets based in Iran that is growing and developing the aesthetic culture of the carpet industry.

Iran’s rich carpet tradition produces globally acclaimed pieces with intricate designs, fine craftsmanship, and high-quality materials.

Carpets offer versatile color choices, serving as focal points or complementing existing room color schemes.

Carpets enhance room acoustics by absorbing sound, minimizing echoes, and creating a pleasant auditory ambiance.

Journey of Mirzazadeh

The Cofounder, Ali Mirzazadeh learned the art of carpet weaving throughout generations in the Mirzazadeh family for over a century.

He started with the vast and challenging carpets business in the district of Sarcheshmeh in Tehran.

Ali started exporting the carpets and at the same time, In 1978, he opened the Tehran Carpet Gallery on Taleqani Street.

Online Market of Carpet Industry in Iran

As per ECDB, The Iranian online carpets market is expected to reach US$11.4 million by 2023 and comprise 19.2% of the Homeware eCommerce market in Iran.

Iran’s offline rug market presents a significant untapped opportunity for the booming online sector.

Multiple types of Persian carpets have demand all over the world like Kerman Carpets, Tabriz Carpets, Isfahan Carpets, etc.

Traditionally, Iran enjoys a global reputation in the carpet industry so it’s a positive aspect for the business to grow.

How Bagisto Transforms Mirzazadeh into an Online Carpet Store?

Bagisto an Open source Laravel eCommerce platform plays a pivotal role in defining the features and specifications of a website.

Bagisto development services featured and mentioned on many popular websites customize the platform to meet unique business needs.

This service specializes in making modifications, adding features, and integrating solutions to optimize Bagisto for your specific requirements.

Its significance becomes evident through its ability to shape and enhance key components. Let’s explore this impact in the following aspects:

Social Media Login

Social media login provides a quick registration process for users, eliminating the need to remember additional usernames and passwords.

Traditional registration processes may deter users due to the complexity of creating and remembering passwords.

Social logins reduce friction, decreasing the likelihood of users abandoning the registration process.

User Account and Profiles

User accounts provide valuable data for analytics, helping website owners understand user behavior, preferences, and demographics. 

Registered users boost insights: feedback and survey participation are crucial for website improvement and heightened user satisfaction.

User accounts enhance content diversity: comments, reviews, and uploads contribute to a richer platform experience.

Detailed Product Description

Detailed descriptions help users make informed decisions, and understand product features, specifications, and benefits.

Well-crafted product descriptions enhance search engine visibility, improving the website’s overall SEO performance.

Unique and well-crafted descriptions set products apart, helping to differentiate from competitors and attracting a target audience.

Checkout and Multiple Payment Options

 A quick and hassle-free checkout process improves user satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of cart abandonment.


Providing various payment options empowers users to choose the method most convenient for them, whether it’s credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other forms.

Integrating secure payment gateways instills confidence in users, assuring them that their financial information is protected during transactions.

Product Filter Option

Users can refine product searches based on specific criteria, ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for.

Providing a convenient and efficient filtering system can contribute to customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Users can find products more aligned with their preferences, reducing the likelihood of returns due to mismatched expectations.


Bagisto played a pivotal role in propelling Mirzazadeh to the forefront of Iran’s competitive carpets market.

Through its innovative features, the online store not only maintained a professional image but also became a driving force behind Mirzazadeh’s success.

For inquiries about launching an identical online carpet store and starting your online business, please reach out to Bagisto’s sales team.


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