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Gadgetlov is a famous online electronics store that sells multiple equipment like earphones, headphones, speakers, etc.

With their Online store, they were able to effectively create their online presence and expand their business.

Gadgetlov has focused on becoming the first choice, going above and beyond expectations, and taking on a position of leadership and pioneering role.

Their online presence was enhanced by Bagisto development services, which gave them customized features and functionality.

Electronic sector in India

According to Invest India, By FY26, India is predicted to have a $1 trillion digital economy.

India’s electronics sector is now estimated to be worth $155 billion, of which 65% is produced domestically.

As Per ECDB, The top electronics stores operated in India are Reliance Digital, Croma, JioMart, etc. which are big competitors for Gadgetlov.

The top electronic products produced and sold in India are Mobile Phones, followed by wearables & Hearables, auto electronics, etc.

How Gadgetlov set up Online Store with Bagisto

The client wanted to create a website that was easy to setup, allowed non-technical users to shop independently, and accelerated the process of establishing an online presence.

Built on the Laravel framework, Bagisto is an open-source e-commerce platform that has a significant impact on molding and enhancing the capabilities and performance of websites.

The client selected Bagisto to create its online store because Bagisto offers capabilities like improved speed, ability to scale, and resource optimization for e-commerce platforms.

Let’s examine the capabilities and features of the Bagisto-built shop.

Detailed Product Description

Descriptions allow you to point out product benefits, options, and uses to attract shoppers and help them make purchasing decisions.

It improves SEO because Relevant keywords and long-form content in descriptions make product pages easier to find in search engines.

Well-crafted descriptions encourage shoppers to spend more time on your site interacting with content and hence increase engagement.

Product Filter Option

Allows customers to narrow down products by features like size, color, brand, price, etc. making it easier to find what they want.

Filters enable detailed exploration of product assortment without having to sift through irrelevant items.


Filters reveal customer search patterns that provide insights into products and hence generate actionable data.

Add to Cart and Easy Checkout Option

Simplified checkout with fewer steps results in more customers completing purchases without abandoning their carts.

If the checkout process is complex, customers may give up and never return therefore easy checkout retains more sales.

Overall, easy add-to-cart and checkout equals higher conversions, sales, and profits for e-commerce businesses.

Social Media Login Feature

It allows customers to easily register and log in quickly with existing accounts like Facebook or Google rather than creating a new one.

Social data can provide valuable demographics and interests to better understand the target audience.

Overall, social login provides immense value in improving the shopping experience, data collection, and marketing for e-commerce businesses.

Final Words

The development of Gadgetlove’s online presence was greatly aided by the innovative e-commerce platform Bagisto.

To meet Gadgetlove’s marketing goals, the platform’s user-friendly design and effective order management system played an essential role.

To improve your online business, check out these other Bagisto extensions.

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