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Enek Luso is a USA-based Optical store that sells a variety of optical glasses, and sunglasses from its outlet in Ashburn.

Their products are designed and manufactured by expert opticians in New York which ensures their high quality and fashionable styles.

With a commitment to innovation, the company focuses on using top-notch materials and blending fashion with functionality.

USA optical store

Enek Luso offers a variety of eyeglasses, ranging from everyday chic styles to bold statement frames, catering to diverse preferences.

Bagisto development services helped Enek Luso improve its eCommerce by bringing its physical outlet online to increase its business reach.

Optical Retail Industry in the USA

The USA Optical Industry has shown gradual growth in the last few years.

According to Statista, the eyewear industry in the United States has a revenue of $35.16 billion, and growing at 1.6% annually.

The Spectacle Lenses segment holds the largest market share in this industry generating a total of $13.79 billion.

USA Optical Market

Due to the increase in screen exposure, there is currently a huge demand for blue light-blocking glasses in the United States.

Also, the increasing aging population is among the biggest consumers of vision correction glasses which supports the industry’s growth.

There is increased awareness of eyecare among youngsters which has boosted the demand for preventive eyecare in the country.

What were the Challenges Enek Luso faced?

Enek Luso wanted to expand its business reach and increase sales so it decided to open an online store.

They were looking for a robust website that would provide a seamless Generative AI experience to the customers.

Their main requirement was to have a website whose backend could be managed easily and had an interactive frontend.

To convert their physical outlet into an online store they decided to use Bagisto as their eCommerce solution.

Bagisto which is an open-source platform, that is based on the Laravel framework, is ideal for improving the functionality and efficiency of webpages.

Its benefits include enhanced performance, and scalability for e-commerce websites, leading the customer to choose it for their online store.

In this case study we’ll see the features of Bagisto that helped Enek Luso establish its online store.

Visually Attractive StoreFront

Bagisto-built stores provide a positive shopping experience and attract first-time visitors to its visually appealing storefront.

This gives a strong first impression to the customers as it makes the platform look more genuine.


Enek Luso was now able to provide its customers with an interactive service marketplace to meet people’s demands for the best eyewear solutions.

Advanced Filter Option

Bagisto’s Advanced filters allow customers to quickly narrow down their search and find the products that best match their specific criteria.

It helps in the buying process, leading to higher order conversion rates on the platform.


Advanced filters contribute to a more user-friendly site design by providing a clear and logical way to explore.

Cross-Device Compatability

Bagisto offers its customers a responsive shopping experience whenever they want regardless of the device they are using.

USA Optical Store
USA Optical Store

It’s hassle-free for Enek Luso customers to browse on the mobile app and shop for products on tablets, and computers.

Product Image Magnification

Magnified images allow customers to closely examine product details, textures, and patterns that may not be visible in standard-sized images.

Moreover, by offering a closer look at products, customers can make more confident purchasing decisions.


By providing high-quality, magnified images, customers feel more assured about their purchase, leading to increased satisfaction.

Product Virtual Trial

Bagisto offers an Augmented Reality functionality in which the customer can have a virtual try-on of the products that they want to buy.

USA Optical Store
USA Optical Store

The Shopper can take an on-model test or a live face test to have a clear idea of how the product will look in a real environment before buying it.

SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation can elevate an e-commerce website’s ranking on search engine result pages for relevant keywords and attract more organic traffic.

Unlike paid advertising, which provides immediate but temporary results, the effects of SEO optimization can compound over time.

Octane Support

The Octane Support feature offered by Bagisto enhances the platform’s caching system and optimizes database queries.

This improves the performance optimization of the website and speeds up the platform’s loading time, making the user experience seamless.

Final words

The growth of Enek Lusa’s online presence has been largely facilitated by Bagisto’s eCommerce solution.

The platform’s efficient order management system contributed significantly to their success, actively participating in their growth.

Enek Luso’s user experience was improved by Bagisto’s customizations, which allowed it to prosper in the competitive fashion market.

This USA online optical store expanded economically and kept a positive reputation with its current clientele thanks to Bagisto’s features.

Take a look at further Bagisto extensions to enhance your web presence even more.

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